Google Cardobard and moving about

(Andreconlledo) #1

Once I insert my iPhone inside the google cardboard I don't have the ability to move about or teleport. I bought a bluetooth controller thinking I'd be able to click and move but had no luck. Is there a way to move around? When I connected my phone to the controller or a keyboard the only key that did something was spacebar. It zoomed out and fit everything on screen.


You should be able to press the Cardboard button to teleport.

(Andreconlledo) #3

The one I have has no button :frowning:

(Aaronopenshaw) #4

Though not perfect, touching your mobile device's screen while in VR mode and looking at the floor plane will result in you teleporting to the new location.

(Nickoh) #5

hi. i have the same issue with my samsung s5. my cardboard also has no magnet switch but any magnet does the same. so if i move a magnet along the phone it triggers the "switch" in other cardboard apps. in the sketchfab app nothing happens. i see that the magnet is recognised because the "back" button on my phone shows up but no teleporting.
i bought a bluetooth mouse which does work on the vr start screen. but if i want to look at a model in vr a klick on the mouse (left button) does nothing. of course i wait for the yellow circles to appear. if i move the mouse, the arrow moves around and if i klick the right button, vr mode gets turned off.
tapping on the screen works for teleporting but thats totally inconvinient to do.



I'm afraid we don't support the magnet button in the Cardboard V1, only the mechanical button in the Cardboard V2. It's essentially just tapping the top middle of the screen.

(Nickoh) #7

ok thats bad news but thank you anyway.

(Nickoh) #8

maybe it might be possible in the future to implement support of a bluetooth mouse as in the main app?


We might look into supporting bluetooth devices in the future.