Google Maps Style Ctrl/Command + Scroll to Zoom Option

When a Sketchfab embed takes up the majority of the width of a window scrolling past it can become an issue. Currently you can either scroll on the iframe to zoom, which prevents users from scrolling down a page with a large embed, or disable scroll completely, thereby killing zoom functionality.

What I’m requesting is a feature much like what can be found in a google’s current maps embeds. If a user scrolls on a google map embed they will be served an overlay that explains they need to hold ‘ctrl’ or ‘command’ while scrolling in order to zoom. Otherwise the page scrolls as if the embed were a static image.

Offering an additional url option or adding a value to the existing “scrollwheel” option that gives us the choice to mimic this behavior could allow for users to maintain all interface options while also improving functionality for pages with large embeds.

Hi there,

This is already a feature. You can do CTRL + left click and drag to zoom, even when scrollwheel: 0 is set.

It is in the control helper popup, too, but I guess that’s not super discoverable. I would recommend adding your own helper to your website.