Google Plus will accept embeded iframe coding

(Bdnewnan) #1

All,I have just begun to post my images on Google plus. If you copy your embed code to a new post, then google + will pull up your image and place it on the post. They will also give you an error code. When that happens, read the rules and mark the post for review. check back in several hours to see that the review has been completed. I like to insert the line, "click on the image below to see 3D" followed by three lines of blank. You then can use the post most anywhere.

(Alban) #2

@bdnewnan not to sure about what you mean: are you saying you successfully embedded Sketchfab in google+? Can you share a link?

(Bdnewnan) #3
see the link above for my recent adds. By doing this, it removes the extra steps and goes directly to Sketchfab. When doing the post, an error code in Google + is generated, but if you submit the post for review, several hours later, the post will be approved for general viewing. I particularly like Rowland Kirishima of Avatta works. Brian

(Bart) #4

Hey @bdnewnan, I'm a little confused - isn't it easier to just enter the model URL? G+ will then also grab the model name and title for the post. I don't think we can do full embeds (yet wink.