Gorehowl - Low Poly Hand Painted Weapon


(Zoltan H) #1

Hey all, first post here :slight_smile: I thought I`ll share my latest work here on the forum as well :slight_smile:

Ive seen numerous versions of this weapon trough the ages, since the Warcraft franchise launched, some are more different than the others but a few things almost always consistently present, features I decided to carry over to my version: -mighty size, being a two-hander -skull decor at the top of the head of the axe -a row of "teeth" on the spine of the blade -non-figurative shapes indented on the sides of the axes head
I didn`t plan to reinvent the wheel just twist the design a bit, making the weapon a bit more dynamic, an maybe a bit more vicious looking :slight_smile:
ref sheet I used:

(Zoltan H) #2

model shots:

(Zoltan H) #3

While I had a definite idea how the geo should look like I was not settled on the materials and the colours I`m going to use when I paint the texture, so the experiments started :slight_smile:

I decided to add some extra geo at this point to make the weapon a bit more interesting, and already had the brainbug in the back of my mind to add some effects to the weapon:

I experimented with glows and runes, but I didnt like the result:

(Zoltan H) #4

Bit more experimentation, and helpful feedback from all around gave me some ideas which suddenly made everything fall into place:) and I got here:

(Zoltan H) #5


Cheers for taking a look! :slight_smile:

if you are interested got some other stuff not yet sketchfab-ed:

(Dark Minaz) #6

A fire version of gorehowl, you just got a new follower :smiley:
Similar to how many weapons ingame got an artefact version with slight tweaks you gave it a slight change that still makes it look quite different.

Really love the fire effect and how good it looks on sketchfab and the cloth, gives it such a nice little extra pop from all the version i saw so far.

(Zoltan H) #7

hehe cheers, I`m very glad you like it :slight_smile: wanted to rethink something significant in wow lore for a very long time now finally I found the time :slight_smile: might get back to more hand painted and wow related in the near future as my time allows :slight_smile: thanks for checking :slight_smile:

(Bart) #8

Brilliant, I really like your WIP documentation here :ok_hand:

(Zoltan H) #9

thanks :slight_smile: I`ll try get into more details on future projects, and share more detailed step by steps, tutorials and the like :slight_smile: