Gradient on Package jumps :/

(Jk76) #1

Hi there.
I have a little problem with a package which i create.
It has an Black to Zero gradient. When I turn the package the soft gradient jumps to a hard one like if the png transparency doesn't work. What can I do?

THX a lot

(Stephomi) #2

Unfortunately, without our current transparency options it's kind of tricky.

The issue arises because of the 2 materials : "Schwarz Verlauf" and "Glas Corpus"
One should be drawn after the order but the order depends of the center of their bounding box, since they are not clearly separable objects sometimes the order is wrong.

One way to solve it would be to have only 1 material/geometry with both the transparency gradient and the color gradient. (try to remove the Glas Corpus transparency to 100 and you'll see the jump will disappear).
So basically you'd have a gradient texture in albedo from black to blue and a zero to one texture in the alphabBlend channel.

(Jk76) #3

hm... I'll try and try and ... no. The gradient doesn't jump anymore but it's not possbile to make a soft pass in the transparency channel. I put everything in one Material but it doesn't work.
I made the Base Color just black and put a gradient 8Bit, 16Bit, alpha, luminance... but no :confused:
I have no idea anymore.

actual new edit:

(Stephomi) #4

Ah indeed there's a small issue on our side when we use an epsilon to consider the pixel fully opaque.
We'll get it fixed soon, sorry for the inconvenience!

Also, I strongly suggest you to upload power of 2 textures (512,1024,2048, etc...), that way we won't downsample them for trilinear filtering.
Also, don't hesitate to upload png instead of jpg (we compress the textures anyway for the viewer).

(Jk76) #5

Thanks for your fast reply. I replaced the textures with 2048x2048 pngs.
I don't understand what do you mean with "Also, I strongly suggest you to upload power of 2 textures"?

(Stephomi) #6

It's better if the width and height are power of 2.
For example "Verlauf-04.jpg" is 1446x886, it'd be best if it would be 2048x1024 png.

The fix I mentioned previously should be live next week hopefully.