Gradient on SVG texture not showing up in 3D scene


I’m building a 3D jersey designer, some of my logos have gradients on them. The gradients show up fine on the 2D portion that renders the logo in my designer, but when the logo get’s inserted into the scene the gradient is gone. Any ideas on how we can trouble shoot this?

SVG Logo :

(Shaderbytes) #2

have you made sure the svg sent to sketchfab has it? It is one thing to say you see it in the tool but the does not mean the tool is sending all the info , do you have a link to a texture sent to sketchfab so it can be established the gradient is there in the data sent to sketchfab??


I’ll dig in and get back on this.


This is what is sent to the scene:

(Shaderbytes) #5

the url does not seem to be working for me…?


It was working for a short period of time… this is still an issue for me but I’m fighting a few bigger fires and just about to launch the site FINALLY!

I’ll get back to this asap.


@jersied Catching up on forum posts. Did you get the gradient working?


I’ve not yet. Haven’t had a chance to focus on this detail since I posted about it. With my launch kicking in, I wasn’t able to focus on some of these details. I’ll be in touch again when I have time to sort this out!