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About this service

We provide photogrammetry, laser scanning services and 3D processing for Civil engineering, topography, archeology, cultural heritage, museology, architecture and many others.

  • References/former clients: Gravel pits and quarry - Civil engineering and topography - Archeology - Museums
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Service description

  • Specialisation: High resolution photogrammetry and mesh+CAD 3D processing and analysing.
  • Equipment: UAV's - GNSS - Total stations - High resolution cameras - Laser scanner - Workstations.
  • Softwares: Photogrammetry and CAD 3D softwares.
  • Location: Switzerland - Canton Valais
  • Ability to travel: All around the world according to the job.
  • Max / min scannable sizes: We use turntables for small objects, manual and UAV/UAS for topography and building's/high structures. Light plane for bigger regions such as glaciers for example.
  • Deliverable file formats: Most of the usual formats like OBJ, DWG, 3DS, etc.
  • PDF 3D: The files can be exported in pdf 3d format with multiple layers which can combine several meshings, textures and CAD objects.
  • Additional services: Advanced 3D with meshing and CAD processing - 3D/2D cartography - 3D printing
  • About our process: We use the better resolution as possible with best coverage in every cases. This way reduces the general processing time by avoiding the manipulations superfluous and thus reducing the costs. The results can be also adjusted precisely according to the specifications.
  • Scaling: Always georeferenced with target (GCP) and gnss/total stations or always scaled with target and rules for structures which do not require orientation like small objects.
  • Aerial vector: UAV's/UAS, planes, helicopter and... masts and ropes.
  • Viewing software provided with mesures capabilities: 3D through PDF - Cloudcompare - Quick Terrain reader for point cloud laser files, Meshlab.
  • Online viewer: Sketchfab,

Examples with resolutions suited for sketchfab

Embed three examples of your work. To embed a Sketchfab model on the forum, just put the model link on an empty line:

1ère attaque - 1st mining by on Sketchfab

Camion abandonné - Abandoned truck by on Sketchfab

Trient - 2015.09.27 by on Sketchfab