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Greek Island - Finished!

(Aresdex) #1

Hey there, i'm get ispiration by Santorini and i have started my new scene
This is the first WIP

Thank's you :))

(Aresdex) #2

Second wip, Already 11k of tris :open_mouth:

(Matthijs de Rijk) #3

Medieval Greece very interesting to see!

(Aresdex) #4

Thank's you! Also your style of character is really impressive, i love it :smiley:

(Bart) #5

I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum. Good luck!! :slight_smile:

(Aresdex) #6

Wip 4
To do:
House, nature

(Ikapoura) #7

Liking for only seeing Greece! Keep it up, wanna see the whole scene! :smiley:

(Lorem Ipsum) #8

Pretty, pretty, pretty!

(Matthijs de Rijk) #9

Thanks! Hope it can inspire you! It's all about proportions its what makes or breaks a style imho.

(Aresdex) #10

Thank's you all! Another WIP, i have started the port

(Aresdex) #11

Wip 6, already 25k tris, i need to optimize it!


Beautiful, loving the Mediterranean take that you're creating!

(Aresdex) #13

Thank's you!

(Aresdex) #14

Wip 7

(Aresdex) #16

Hi there! Wip render 11, now 65% completed!

(Aresdex) #17

Sketchfab first Upload Wip

(Lorem Ipsum) #18

Looking good, I watched the progress, and if I may advice, I liked the darker, more intense lighting for the final composition.
Although I'd change the water from dither to blend transparency, I think it will read better..
That was pretty fast, great job!

(Aresdex) #19

Thank's you for the Tip!

(Aresdex) #21

Finish! Thank's you all, now start with to public props!