Greetings from France!

(Bart) #1

The entire Sketchfab team has come together in the south-west of France this week. We're strategising, planning, brainstorming...and having some fun! smile

(Pierre Moulon) #2

Wine, sun, swimming pool, post-it... everything needed to enjoy the moment wink

(Lpdenmark) #3

go get drunk, you deserve it smile

(Bart) #4

We're all back to work now! The week was awesome and super helpful for getting to know all the team members (remember we're spread out across Paris, New York and some remote-worker locations). Time to catch up smile

(Tim Vizesi) #5

Wow! smile looks like you guys had a great time!!

(Dumenieu) #6

it's with my money !! loool

(Dumenieu) #7

more seriously it is nice to show that there are really guys on web, not only bots and algorythms