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Guided 3D Tour interface

(Mosheca) #1

Sketchfab is excellent and getting better month by month. As a way of expanding its usability beyond a display platform to a fully functional learning tool it would be great to allow the construction of a guided tour through the 3D object, similar to that used currently by the Smithsonian X3D. See:
This could include:

  • Stage by stage progress through the environment with separate hotspots
  • Embedded popup of images, sound, video
  • Interface layout templates for viewer presentations.

These could greatly enhance Sketchfab.

Tools for Cultural Heritage applications?
(Bart) #2

Thanks @mosheca!

@mauricesvay there are some nice things here: especially the 'meta annotations' browser that lets you select different layers of annotations for deeper exploration.


I think things like rich media and a better interface between annotations and the viewer api are on the to-do list?

(Mauricesvay) #4
  • Better interface for presenting and navigating annotations: yes, we want to do that
  • Richer media in annotation: yes, we also want that
  • Layered annotation/Groups of annotation: I've seen similar requests for different use cases. Interesting smile

(Eliut) #5

Hello Bart, Is the 'meta annotations' browser thing, a todo project, or can we use this functionality already?
Is there any FAQ available?
Thanks a lot!

(Eliut) #6

Hello I opened your link to the wright flyer, and it only shows hotspots (as orange floating balls) tried chrome and explorer, no luck with either one (which is not surprising because its powered by autodesk...)
I think we can already do this in sketchfab with annotations, in a limited way perhaps but functional.


(Eliut) #7

Wright flyer model is working now, (its fickle I dont know why, oh yeah autodesk wink )
Its really not that impressive, the only thing the tour does is showing info on the right screen and going thru hotspots (annotations in sketchfab). Annotations already show info.
Thanks for sharing

(Bart) #8

It's still on our todo list, stay tuned :smile: