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Gul'dan's Secret Tavern (COMPLETE)


(Ilgimezgi) #1

Hello, this my first contest entry. The idea came out from why there wouldn't be a tavern for demons who are invading Azeroth? So that it would be Gul'dan's deciding to open a tavern for his precious demons :smiley: Here are my some Wip's from my scene. I hope you enjoy.

(Ilgimezgi) #2

This is my final result. I haven't been able to put everything that I wanted. Yet I learned and enjoyed a lot from working on this model and textures. It was a great oportunity for me.
I hope you like it.

wow, #wowlegion-final

(Cabelocrespo) #3

Good concept and Great texture work.Good luck :relieved: