Half-Dragon 3D model


(Danbee360) #1

Hi everyone,
We found a very nice concept in Artstation concept by Nadezhda Tikhomirova

And feel excited about it. So we modeled it on 3D
Hope everyone is excited and supportive.
every C & C is welcome
Sorry for English:grinning:

(Dark Minaz) #2

Undead Human dragon, that sounds like a concept id do as well :smiley:
hope you post some progress shots, would be interesting to see your approach on that.

(Danbee360) #3

I’m starting with zbrush, Because zbrush making base model so well, I’m blocking the wings first.

(Danbee360) #4

Just update 01/27

(Danbee360) #5

Happy weekend
We make more details for the work.
It is a difficult process.
C& C Are more then wellcome.

(Danbee360) #6

To day we udate detail

(Danbee360) #7

Date 2018/01/31

(Eugenia Medvedeva) #8

Going great! I really like his wings. Will you model a weapon as well?

(Danbee360) #9

Hi everybody
We have free time for this works.
This is the weapon
Hope you guys like it