Half-Dragon 3D model



Hi everyone,
We found a very nice concept in Artstation concept by Nadezhda Tikhomirova

And feel excited about it. So we modeled it on 3D
Hope everyone is excited and supportive.
every C & C is welcome
Sorry for English:grinning:

(Dark Minaz) #2

Undead Human dragon, that sounds like a concept id do as well :smiley:
hope you post some progress shots, would be interesting to see your approach on that.


I’m starting with zbrush, Because zbrush making base model so well, I’m blocking the wings first.


Just update 01/27


Happy weekend
We make more details for the work.
It is a difficult process.
C& C Are more then wellcome.


To day we udate detail


Date 2018/01/31

(Eugenia Medvedeva) #8

Going great! I really like his wings. Will you model a weapon as well?


Hi everybody
We have free time for this works.
This is the weapon
Hope you guys like it

(BITBOT) #10

Update 20180703

(Tanerxun---www.tanerxun.com) #11

one question: can we 3d print the models?

(BITBOT) #12

Thank you for like it.
i Feel happy! You can 3d print the models
That’s so cool, thank you for letting me know Tanerxun !

(BITBOT) #13