Half of my model has lighting on the wrong side

(Arche Magarch) #1

the winglets (front wings) and the blaster holders have lighting on the bottom side instead of on the top side like the rest of the model. why is this?

(Laurer1990) #2

Hey ArcheMagarch

Did you check your face normals on the model?
Maybe those are flipped?


(Arche Magarch) #3

Yep, I have backface culling on, so I would see if the normals weren’t right. Thanks Laurer1990.

(Laurer1990) #4

mhhh i had a similar problem … and even the normals showed in the ‘right’ direction i calculated them again and the problem was gone.
Sorry for insisting on the normals :smiley: but like i said, same problem and that solved it for me.
I was confused as well
What 3d software are you using?

(Arche Magarch) #5

Blender. hmm, it seems to have had something to do with a specific object. Joining all the objects into one of the objects that was working fixed the problem. But joining all of the objects into the object that wasn’t working made everything incorrect. I still don’t know what the technical reason for the problem was, but at least I can upload a model that displays as intended now.


If you used a Mirror modifier or similar, it probably left one side with a non-uniform scale (like [1, 1, -1]) which can cause shading issues because the normals / faces are reversed. It usually best to apply scale/rotation/location as well as recalculate normals before uploading.