Halloween 2015 Contest - Haunted Heights (Final)

(Eamon Gavin) #1

Just booking my slot for this competition, will update later today with any wip content.

Best of luck all.

Slowly modeling along, time to get the oven on for some baking...

(Bart) #2

You're the first entry here, cool! :smile:

(Eamon Gavin) #3

One down for the spooky finally...

Halloween Coffin Final 2015 by Eamon Gavin on Sketchfab

(Eamon Gavin) #5

Just some quick renders, decided to change the design and content due to time..

(Eamon Gavin) #6

Another update on the main feature, plenty of more roofing to do till next time.

(Eamon Gavin) #7

Finally got a update, have been very busy on product brochure designs this week at work. So here it is....

Took some time setting up some good rendering for further wip images.

(Eamon Gavin) #8

Quick update on today's works enjoy.

(Dark Minaz) #9

i really like how much attention to detail you put in it. especially that belt that holds the chimney is awesome.
somehow the big stones look a bit to glossy compared to all the rest though.

(Eamon Gavin) #10

Thanks dark_minaz, the stones are very smooth from sculpting and and pick up the specular light better.

Hopefully have some poly painted wip up tonight.

(Eamon Gavin) #11

Some renders of the wip poly painting.

(Philsip) #12

Outstanding! Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

(Eamon Gavin) #13

Thanks Philsip,

Small update on the design, unfortunately a lot of elements have been removed don't wanna ruin the surprise just yet.

(Eamon Gavin) #14

Small update with a new prop, bet you can guess where is going..

(Eamon Gavin) #15

Thought it was finally time to upload some 3d for viewing, enjoy and more to come real soon....

Haunted Heights - WIP by Eamon Gavin on Sketchfab

(Nekokawaii11) #16

Nice baking! I love it!

(Eamon Gavin) #17

Thanks Nekokawaii11, it's one of the hardest parts to get right at times.

(Eamon Gavin) #18

Another update almost finished now and there are a few secrets to this house that will found from the 28th.

And yes the base plane is offset hence the slight hover of items will fix that.

(Eamon Gavin) #19

Final Version:

All done, enjoy the trip and best of luck to all....

Halloween 2015 Contest - Haunted Heights Final by Eamon Gavin on Sketchfab

(Ututrc) #20

How do you add pictures to the annotations?

(Charlie12) #21

Great job, was waiting for this one to finish. Was not disappointed.