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Halloween 2015 Contest: Inside the spider

(Lucak) #1

Hey guys for my scene I will be sketching it in zbrush and then proceed to do a lowpoly and paint it with a hand painted style on diffuse only.
Right now I'm still working on getting the base forms in.

(Lucak) #2

update: finished the zbrush base sketch, going to work on the lowpoly now

(Meow098oli) #3

So much subtle changes. Love the mushroom feel. :smile:

(Lucak) #4

hehehe it's not a mushroom :stuck_out_tongue: everyone is falling under that trap, I don't want to spoil the whole scene while I'm showing wips so I'm not gonna post what these things are before I get to paint them.

Btw I just finished the lowpoly! going to uv unwrap now

(Bart) #6

Cool! Thanks for joining the contest :smile:

(Lucak) #7

Low poly done.
Callculated ao and added a light-shadow gradient in 3d coat.
Started ptesting colors and textures.

(Lucak) #8

quick update of the textures atm

(Lucak) #9

update to the textures:

(Lucak) #10

Finished the model! here is the viewer

Inside The Spider by lucak on Sketchfab

(Bart) #11

The winners are in! Check them out and leave a comment on the blog post :smile: