Halloween 2015 Contest: Mystical Place [FINAL]

(Zugzug) #1


In this scene i want to tell a story, a creepy story! With ghosts, spiders, pumpkins, witch cauldron and many other things in Hand Painted low poly style.

I will not reveal all the cards now hehe... Just stay tuned ! :smile:

(Maxypants2010) #2

I am curious, how did you make those fine trees?

(Maxypants2010) #3

and what would a deciduous (or broad leafed) tree look with your style of modeling?

(Bart) #4

I like the glowing eyes in the tree. Cool to see you here, glad you could join us!

(Zugzug) #5

Thank you Bart! I will show my best hehe! :smile:

Hey maxy! Here goes some pine tree progress.

Brace yourself Updates is coming!

(Maxypants2010) #6

very intriguing and enlightening. :smile:

(Engine9) #7

Looks very nice.

(Zugzug) #8

Made some skull to decorate fence, tomorrow will show progress of it creating :P

(Zugzug) #9

Damn... I understood what i dont have place for Haunted house on the scene... So i replaced all the things and changed plan a bit hehe :smile:

(Zugzug) #10

Here goes skull and cauldron work progress :sunglasses:

Looks like somebody cheating at 31 October

(Maxypants2010) #11

I really do like your art style. very "rpg-ish"

(Pasto) #12

Hi, what software do you use for texture?

Very nice work! :smiley:

(Zugzug) #13

Tnx all for good comments, i am glad what you liked it and it gives me more powers to work more and more on this scene hehe :smile:

For now i was using only Photoshop CC for textures, not sure if I'll use 3D Coat for this scene...

(Zugzug) #14

This night i was working on cauldron effects - smoke, flame, sparkles and bubbles :sunglasses:

Checking how the ghosts will looks for this scene

(Maxypants2010) #15

having used sketchfab for about a year now, I suggest for the green fire, have multiple layers of it with different transparencies. Maybe have it like a cluster of fire. The reason is, later in the sketchfab viewer, it may not look natural and too solid. You are looking for that "plasma" feel

this only way I might be able to really explain is the 2nd annotation in this model o' mine from a while back. notice the smoke from the plane

World of Tanks Diorama 2015 - "War Reborn" by maxypants2010 on Sketchfab

(Zugzug) #16

Thank you for idea! Those explosions looks good. :bulb:
Will try update my flame if i have time for it, other way will just leave it with out flame...

(Zugzug) #17

Starting working on the Haunted House, will continue props and small details after house will be done. :hourglass_flowing_sand: :hourglass_flowing_sand: :hourglass_flowing_sand:

(Philsip) #18

Looking great! Keep it up.

(Zugzug) #19

Tnx man!
Here goes update, fighting with house textures :sunglasses: Still lot of things to do with it.

(José Guilherme) #20

Lovely! I'm already a fan.