Halloween 2015 Contest: OL comic [Finished]

(ProjectOL) #1

Work in progress posts for the Halloween 2015 contest

(ProjectOL) #2

Basic overview plan

(ProjectOL) #3

(Bart) #4

Cool! I love your hand drawn map :smile:

(ProjectOL) #5

Some rough halloween costume sketches/concepts for our characters
(By Lussy)

(ProjectOL) #6

(ProjectOL) #8

(ProjectOL) #9

Halloween Beat costume WIP by ProjectOL on Sketchfab

(Jason Ivens) #10

It's not a easy task to create a 3D character (I prefer assists myself) but you have done a great job and I look forward to seeing your other characters 😄

(ProjectOL) #11

Halloween Cole costume WIP by ProjectOL on Sketchfab

(Meow098oli) #12

:open_mouth: Wow you work fast, and it doesn't look a single bit rushed.

(ProjectOL) #13

Thank you! We're two people making a game, and making these still 3D models is much easier than making fully interactive characters.

(ProjectOL) #14

Thank you, we're trying our best!

(ProjectOL) #15

This is our scene so far.

The process is different from our usual workflow, because, as opposed to making video games, we don't need to worry as much about polygon counts / dynamic meshes here. But still, as we are making multiple scenes for a 3D comic, we still need to keep in mind not to use too much clutter effect (as everything is going to be multiplied).
And because Sketchfab cannot use multiple UVs, we need to make lots of unique textures, too.

(ProjectOL) #16

Halloween Sal costume by ProjectOL on Sketchfab

The third costume done, one more to go!

(ProjectOL) #17

Halloween Eslie Costume by ProjectOL on Sketchfab

Finally, the last costume is done.

On to the final step: putting the comic together.

(ProjectOL) #18

Scene almost done.
Posing the characters atm

(ProjectOL) #19

This is gonna be a loooong night...

(Meow098oli) #20

Wish you the best of luck setting up a story isn't always the easiest part.

(ProjectOL) #21

Thank you!
Belive me, we know :smile: