Halloween 2015 Contest: “Thriller”: [FINISHED]

(Oskarsdzenis) #1

Hello everyone,
finnaly good to be here. Got challanget by one of my 3d buddies. Can't sit this one out. Topic and format is pretty intresting. Deadline is manacing. But as far as I have brooded over ideas couple of days - here is the sketch and I'm on it full force from now, so wish everybody good modeling tonight - cuz' - I guess - only a dead 3d artist don't model at night. :wink:

(Zugzug) #2

Hey man! Wish you good luck! ANd yes the night is the time for modeling hehe :smile:

(Bart) #3

Hey @oskarsdzenis, thanks for joining! Good luck :smile:

(Oskarsdzenis) #4

I aplied for beta program, so I could upload some animated features too, but there is no reply for couple of days. I know that animation won't give adittional points, but for sake of the test I would like to try.

(Bart) #5

Yeah, you just missed this week's batch. Unfortunately we won't be able to add any new beta users next week due to technical work, sorry!

(Oskarsdzenis) #6

Update...working hard on house model and it's textures (maya/3dcoat/photoshop) + finishing texturing in 3dcoat/photoshop of terrain and assets.

(Oskarsdzenis) #7

Some early concepts from last week

(Oskarsdzenis) #11

My FINAL entry

Thriller by oskarsdzenis on Sketchfab

(Electrocactus) #12

I really like Your work. Particle effect looks awesome and fog too! Good job!

(Bart) #13

The winners are in! Check them out and leave a comment on the blog post :smile:

(Jason Ivens) #14

Congratulations, I would love to learn how you added fog to your scene without environmental effects. It looks cool a deserving win :smile:

(Electrocactus) #15

+1 I also would like to know! Oskars, we demand a mini tutorial!!!!! :smiley:

(Zugzug) #16

Nice silhouette and forms, congratulations!

(Marcin Cecot) #17

I really like the fact that the castle is bent to the back. It makes it look even more mightily from the frog perspective. It reminds me a little of what they did in the Legend of Zelda: a Link between worlds with the models to better fit the camera perspective. :smile:

(Oskarsdzenis) #18

Big thnx everyone, it's been great challange, practice and skill riser for all of us. I have learned a lot from other works published here - there is so much great possibilities to showcase Your work at it's best - so there goes to Sketchfab team big thanx too for opportunity.

jason_ivens & electrocactus
I will manage next week to put together quick tutorial about making fog.

Thnx man, it was a starting point, proper lightning and siluethes - so it gives the proper feel. I like your work too very much - intresting style, lot's of assets, lots of details - handpainted textures, I would love to have texture drawing skills like you do. )

Heh, never played Zelda ) But yeah, at concept stage - my model looked kinda stiff - but if it lives - it must be something like Genie from Aladdin - I tought, so I bend the hell out of my first model, till I felt the weight of the house, as it was like alive, old and manacing.
Ps. Actually UVs I did afterward and it was hello 'cuz there was so much problems with repeating details. )