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Halloween 2015 Contest WIP: Another Wicked Witch Night

(José Guilherme) #1

Hello everyone!
Just want to say this is amazing, encouraged me to bring something. My idea is to imagine how the night of the Wicked Witch ends after a 'day of work' - of course the picture speaks for itself, I just tried to put this story over by - the time for me is short but I will focus these days forward to finish it.

I can't read the name of the artist who made the image, if anyone knows please hit me!

(Bart) #2

Hehe, we had a good laugh about that here :smile: Thanks for joining!

(José Guilherme) #3

HAHA! Thank you Sir. I will assume it as an compliment, right!?

So I made some composition that I think it will serve more for the scene.

Also put some main references I wanna activate. Any advice/suggestion always are welcome.

(Bart) #4

Absolutely, I thought it was very funny :smile:

(José Guilherme) #5

hey @bartv I'm just kidding.

Here's my first asset, textures still wip.

Anyone are counting the days? :scream:

(José Guilherme) #6

Some more shamed props for today.

(José Guilherme) #7

Hey, more assets I've done. The first is lowpoly already with no alphas and this flower that I'm so in love with it.

(Electrocactus) #8

I really like the asset style!

(José Guilherme) #9

@electrocactus Thank you so much man! :smiley:

Running against time to finish it!

(José Guilherme) #10

So... Time is not my best friend :dizzy_face:

I'm kinda sad that I can't finish on time there are few things until be a presentation piece, have to pose this lady, redo some textures, make those alphas... But I wont called it done, soon I will update it here on sketchfab.

Just wanna say congrats and good look to everyone!

(Marcin Cecot) #11

Damn, I wish you could finish it on time. I liked the concept from the beginning. And the wips look promising. Waiting for the final version :smile:

(Bart) #12

The winners are in! Check them out and leave a comment on the blog post :smile:

(José Guilherme) #13

@MarcinCecot Thank you man it helps alot!

Another Wicked Witch Night
by joseguilherme
on Sketchfab

Another Wicked Witch Night by joseguilherme on Sketchfab

So, finally I'll call it done wish I can work more on that. It was a very fun challenge and I improved myself for sure, just want to say thanks very much to anyone who came by and Sketchfab.

(Marcin Cecot) #14

Good to see that you managed to finish your scene! I like it. Needed some time to notice the eyeballs inside the flowers :smile: Also the colors looks nice. Good job.