Halloween 2015 Contest WIP: "It won't last long" [FINAL}

(Marcin Cecot) #1

Hey there.

I decided to take part in this competition. I'm not sure if I can make it on time, but I will do my best :smile: Below I attach the preview of the ground for my scene. It took me about 11 hours so far. Everything there is a stylized gameart. It's also tileable. I created 3D sculpt, retopo, UVs, baked maps, painted textures, created the scene. And made sure that it is tileable. There are some errors, but I think there is no time to be perfect this time :smile:

Good luck everyone!

[WIP] Halloween 2015 Contest - ground tiles by Kar on Sketchfab

(Marcin Cecot) #2

Working hard :smile:

(Marcin Cecot) #3

Some WIP stairs pieces for the scene. They're low poly, but not painted yet. I hope I will have them ready today, with stairs put into the scene.

(Marcin Cecot) #5

Ok, a pack of screenshots. And also a stairs diffuse texture for those who are interested in such stuff :wink:
A lot of work still to be done, but I'm pretty happy with the direction it all goes.

(Dark Minaz) #6

Looks great, reminds me a bit on diablo, just a more colorful version.
Got a lot of stones to add in mine, guess the texture way would be smarter, then again im kinda bad at painting those things.

I'm quite interested in the direction this goes.

(Marcin Cecot) #7

Thanks @dark_minaz! Mentioning Diablo is pretty motivating :smiley:
And about textures, they are both good and bad here, it takes a lot of time to make them. Hope I can finish it on time.
And good luck with your project too :smile:

(Marcin Cecot) #8

Sculpting in the morning. I hope I can have these (maybe 1 more) graves finished by the evening and placed them in the scene.

(Bart) #9

Oh very nice! Is that hand painted? Thanks for joining!

(Marcin Cecot) #10

Hey there! Thanks :smile:
And yes, all the textures are hand painted. I just finished painting the first version of the ground texture and I'm going to finish these graves models in a moment :smile:

(Charlie12) #11

Nice stuff! Really like the style.

(Marcin Cecot) #12

@charlie12 thanks! I'm glad you like it.

And here's wip from today. Low poly graves. Textures are still not finished, but one step at a time :smile:

(Marcin Cecot) #13

Graves finished, plus I added some of them to the scene. I'm pretty happy with the ground texture. It's painted by hand from the beginning.
Next stop will be the road tiles (for the road in the center of the scene), some gate + fence and then I will get to the interesting part :smile: But you will see that later.

(Marcin Cecot) #14

Still working hard. Here's a little sneak-peek, my current scene from above.

(Marcin Cecot) #15

And the last WIP for today. I need some sleep :wink:
I'm working on the cementary gate right now.

(Marcin Cecot) #16

I just finished the high poly version of the gate. Just leaving it here :wink: Don't know about you, but I would not enter it.

(Dark Minaz) #17

devil with horns = bossfight, who wouldn't enter? :smiley:
i kinda wonder how much is just texture and how much is modeling.

(Marcin Cecot) #18

In the gate model above, there is only the model, no textures yet :wink: Just a high poly model with some raw material on it. When it generally comes to my models here the high poly model is very important, as I use it to bake some base maps/textures from it, like normal map, bent normals, ambient occlusion, and so on. Then I paint by hand on them to get the final result :wink:

By the way, I will be away for the weekend, so I won't post any progress till monday. I hope that monday evening I will have the gate and whole fence around the graveyard.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

(Dark Minaz) #19

so you create a high poly, set it on the low, paint some additional things on it.
alright, thanks for the info. Guess ill try that at some point when i get the time.

Still have to get used to painting on the pc, for some reason i just like doodling on paper more :smile:
and well start sculpting a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

(Marcin Cecot) #20

@dark_minaz Go for it mate! Both for the painting and for sculpting get some pen tablet (even the cheapest, like bamboo pen, or something. I've been using the cheapest one for about 4 years) :smile:

Ok so I'm back and this evening I had some time to finish painting the gate and place it in my scene. Below you can check the textured gate model alone (hand painted as well ofc :smile: ), the scene so far and as a bonus for those who are interested - the painted stone road texture.
Any thoughts/comments? :smile:

(Dark Minaz) #21

i do have one, got an intous, mostly for my concepts or for 2d art., i am just mostly to lazy to paint the textures, or more accurate not quite good enough that i like it :stuck_out_tongue: so i am still training, also for mine i wanted to go more in the "realistic" version, kinda forgot how many things exist in real life ... all those plants ..

i like it so far, one of the reasons i am trying to make mine better every day :smile:
are you planing to make something after the stairs? or do they just end?
if they just end, might add some more of that light blue from your entrance to make it look like a rune/teleporter.