Halloween 2015 Contest WIP: Last minute Entry!

(Captinfinity) #1

Ok, I've been really busy lately I know it's last minute but I wanted to get in on this. I'll be doing a piece based on an abandoned house in my area that kinda looks like it could be haunted anyway. I started with pics from Google maps and then went and took some pics myself to get closer views for details.

Here's the Google pics

And here's mine

The shape is pretty simple so I think I can pull it off even with the short amount of time left. I just know I'd be kicking myself if I didn't even enter.

(Captinfinity) #2

Here's my start on this. I've got most of tomorrow and all day Tuesday scheduled for this.

(Lord00120) #3

Haha yeah I'm just trying to make mine last minute as well.. And I don't even have all of today! :open_mouth:Good luck!

(Captinfinity) #4

@lord00120 Thanks, Good luck to you as well! Just finishing is going to be a challenge at this point!

I didn't get as much time today as I'd hoped, but here's what I have.

I just need to cut in the doors and windows and figure out how I'm going to deal with the shingles. Then it's on to materials!
I've got a couple of ideas for giving this a cool twist. Which one I go with will depend on how much time I can give this tomorrow.

(Bart) #5

Cool, good luck! Time's going to be tight :smile:

(Captinfinity) #6

Ok, in the interest of time, I'm calling this good for now. I'll be up early in the am tomorrow to get back at it. I'll be making a submission for this no matter how crappy it is!!! :grinning: :smile: :laughing: :joy: :sob: That's me going a bit crazy cuz I need to stop working and go to sleep.

(Captinfinity) #7

@bartv The contest says it's over tomorrow. Since I'm really down to the wire, I gotta ask: What time tomorrow?

(Bart) #8

Officially, tomorrow, midnight, New York time. But I don't want people to get too stressed out about that, so if it's in by the time I get to work on Thursday morning (10am Amsterdam time), it's fine!

(Captinfinity) #9

Man, Low-poly and Uvs took way longer than I expected. It's been a while since I did this in 3ds Max. If I can just get my Normals and AO baked out for this, I'll feel better about calling it a crappy entry.

(Captinfinity) #11

Well, work refused to get cleared out so I could finish this. Here's what I got :persevere:

I'll keep working on it though, I think it could still shape up to be a nice piece.

(Bart) #12

The winners are in! Check them out and leave a comment on the blog post :smile: