Halloween 2015 Contest WIP: Phantom Manor

(AndreiRadu) #1
Hello everyone!

In my project will try to recreate the Phantom Manor mansion from Paris (Disney). The house will be placed in a scary environment containing a abandoned cemetery with some dead vegetation, a skeleton, and some old statues. Depending on the time, I'm thinking to add a few ghosts.
Good luck !

(Bart) #2

Been there :smile: Thanks for joining, good luck!

(AndreiRadu) #3

Day 3 update

(AndreiRadu) #4

Another update!

(Electrocactus) #5

Are you doing high poly model for normal map, or it will be high poly model all the way?

(AndreiRadu) #6

I will use normal map (BPR) Lowpoly.

(AndreiRadu) #7

Another update. Almost finish the house geometry.

(AndreiRadu) #8

Another update.

(AndreiRadu) #9

Update. Meet the ghost. Buhuhu

(AndreiRadu) #10

(Electrocactus) #11

Good job, keep it up!

(AndreiRadu) #12

Unfortunately, I had no time to make that three ghosts that I have planed soo I made one single zombie-ghost, Substance Painter is a wonder-texturing-program. I hope you like it. After a several hours I will finish and upload the rest of the scene. I need some sleep now

Model test
by RaduAndrei
on Sketchfab

[url=https://sketchfab.com/models/1707428f30d2409293321f63c541c763]Model test[/url] by RaduAndrei on Sketchfab

(AndreiRadu) #13

My final scene is ready.

Halloween 2015 Contest: Phantom Manor [final] by RaduAndrei on Sketchfab

(Bart) #14

The winners are in! Check them out and leave a comment on the blog post :smile: