Halloween 2015 Contest WIP: The old church

(Jguach) #1

Hi all! This is my first block of my halloween´s model.

(Jguach) #2

Now, I am adding details to the church.

(Bart) #3

Thanks for joining! Have fun :smile:

(Jguach) #4

First sketchfab model.

Halloween01 by Jguach on Sketchfab

(Jguach) #5

What secret hides the old church?

Ready to paint!

(Jguach) #6

Modeling some props.

(Jguach) #7

Starting hand paint!!

(Jguach) #8

Bartv I have a question....I rename my haunted house to "Church" it´s ok? or change to House again?

(Bart) #9

Yeah that's totally fine with me :smile:

(Jguach) #10

Ready for adding details and improve the colour!! Do you want to discover the history of the old church? Next; Final post.

(Jguach) #11

Last screenshot!! I have used a classical low poly style. Who is Jacob?

(Jguach) #12

Hi everyone! This is my final entry. I want to use a classical low poly estyle. I hope you like it!

The old church by Jguach on Sketchfab

(Nekokawaii11) #13

what happened with Jacob? D:

(Bart) #14

The winners are in! Check them out and leave a comment on the blog post :smile:

(Jguach) #15

Yo need to jump off the cliff to discover haha