Halloween 2015 : Deadly selfie WIP

(Kyan0s) #1

Hi everyone !

I'm very interested in this contest, and I decided to participate.

So my project is to realize a little scene which take place in an old abandonned manor's attic. For the story, three young costumed people, the night of halloween, decided to take a selfie in this scary place. But the house was haunted...

Here the first W.I.P. :

(Kyan0s) #2

Here the ghost :

(Kyan0s) #3

I have made the two young people who take the photo. The guy will be costumed in skeleton and the girl will be a witch. I think that i will remake the ghost in order to adapt her style with this two characters.

(Kyan0s) #4

the reworked ghost :

(Jason Ivens) #5

Love your art style, can't wait to see the finished product 😄

(Bart) #6

Oh, nice to see you're joining us, @kyan0s!!

(Kyan0s) #7

I have just finished the modelisation of the old attic (except the windows), and the fourth character.

Here the result ^^) :

(Kyan0s) #8

I have begun to make the textures of the attic, and to make some objects to fill it ; armchair, table, stool etc... I also tried to do spider webs.


(Electrocactus) #9

cool stuff man! This contest is starting to become more interesting every day! :smile:

(Maxypants2010) #10

very nice. I would like to suggest that maybe you can have it so that the ghost is "emerging" from somewhere. give it a sense of movement and motion maybe?

(Maxypants2010) #11

for example have maybe a portal or something from the wall

(Kyan0s) #12

yep, it's a good idea ! ^^)

I'll think about that idea and do some tests, but adapting with my original idea because at the moment I have not done yet but the ghost is supposed haunted an object that she will wield as a weapon : sewing scissors. Object that is linked to the ghost.

She appears thanks to this scissors, so I should think a way to show that she emerges from this element while using it as a weapon.

Moreover It also requires me to think a way to make understand this idea by any element in the scene, maybe an article in an old newspaper telling the story of the woman.

(Maxypants2010) #13

Ooh. That is an interesting plan. I see there is a table in your scene. What if there is a box of sewing equipment on top of it. Maybe have it look like it has been tampered with messily (balls of wool fallen to the ground etc) The scissors should look real, maybe 200% more real than the ghost, idk. Perhaps some sort of "electric pulse" can come from the scissors she hold, symbolizing a connection between the ghost and scissors? But definitely do that newspaper idea! Character number 4 is already set up perfectly for such a thing. His character will draw the viewer's eyes to a specific spot on the wall which you should definitely take advantage of :smile:

(Kyan0s) #14

I have envisaged to add a sewing box ^^) with several son coil in the box and on the floor, needles, etc.

Else I really like the idea of the electric pulses which come from the scissors, so I tried to make a quick test, and I think that it could be great.

Here a WIP of the ghost, textured with the sewing scissors, a sewing ruler and the test of the electric pulses that might be more bright with a little glow.

For the newspaper, either I put it on a table either the fourth character could hold it in his left hand suggesting that he has just read the article.

(Maxypants2010) #15

for the electricity, you can try taking a shell of the scissors and hand, make it wrap around and then make it into a sort of zig zaggy pattern? that could look better than random strings. maybe try

(Maxypants2010) #16

(Meow098oli) #17

I love the textures you use, and style of characters. Though the webs feel to flat for me, I would recommend to add more depth to them by have more planes stand out. >< being picky about detail.

(Kyan0s) #18

@maxypants2010 I'll try to do like you suggest me ^^)

@meow098oli Thanks :smile: ! Yep, I agree with you, the spider webs are too rigid and without volume. It was a quick test to see how to put them in the scene. I'll fix that ^^).

(Kyan0s) #19

I have finished the textures of the four characters without the electric effect for the ghost for the moment.

Here the result.

(Kyan0s) #20

I think I have finished the texturing of the attic and of the elements that it contain, so I'll could work on the visual link between the ghost and scissors. And on the newspaper's sheet that I finally placed in the hands of the fourth character.

I could soon bake all shadows on the texture and finalize the scene ^^).