Halloween 2015 - Eleanor's Stairways [ Final ]

(Renatoaruffo) #1

Hello all, I am working on this project that I hope to finish by Wednesday... there is still a lot to be done.

Here is how I started, I wanted to find some cool ideas for the ghost, so I started with a sphere doing some fast shapes and colors after a bunch of scary images research ....

I wanted to find a nice balance between scariness and beauty, I wanted to introduce a normal and beautiful woman for later make a bizarre distortion of it and its reality,
After these tests I made a retopo inside Maya to have better flows and shapes to keep sculpting on it inside zBrush, I also blocked all the cloth inside maya and brought everything back to zBrush to finish the sculpting. I love sculpting cloths, I had lots of fun doing all this parts.

I recorded a little bit of the sculpting process when I was on it, but after a while I forgot to keep turning the record options on.

After finishing all the sculpting and retopology I started to work on the texture of the character, I started to work as a normal living person to first think about its real structure for later stylize and change colors. I chose 3D coat to work on the Ghost skin, and substance painter on the clothes. 3D Coat was 100% essential for this since I added the head as its own UV atlas set and so I had to paint through the materials and uvs without and Seams on the neck, 3D Coat can do this type of stuff amazingly.

Here is a small render done in 3D Coat:

After I had a few renders I started think about the hair. I got a bunch of pictures and try to fit some cool hair styles that would work with her.

After I have almost everything done, I made a small in pose render inside vRay, with the final skin. I don't usually use vRay or pre rendered stuffs, I am a real time developer, but I think it is good practice to test new tools once in a while.

This scene was very based on PT game from Silent Hills, I think we can see some resemblance.

At the moment I am still working on the hair, here is a screenshot from Maya:

Now I am starting rigging, from now on it is going to be all inside Blender, I am also finishing the staircase, the scene that she is going to be fitted in, and start making some animations and prepare stuffs for Sketchfab, if some surprises jump scares ..

The stairway

I started all the blockage and the scene start Maya, this is what I have by now, this is the may staircase scene without props or textures. This scene all props were textured with Substance Painter and Substance Designer.

All my models I made the low and highpoly inside Maya, adding extra edges loop on the high version and extracting the normalmap from xNormals, I only used zBrush on one object for the high map, all the others was only maya + substance highmap and texture painting..

I've made a bunch of props for the scene... I still have to do a few more, but here is what I have so far.

These pictures are tests inside Unity 3D.

I made a few functionalities and events happening in this demo, maybe after I post on Sketch fab I release this scene for you guys, there are lots of PT influence and I really learned a LOT creating it, from a better understanding of PBR to new programs and tools.

I programmed all events and effects with C#, like the depth of field according to your aim, some shimmer light.

It has been a really fun project.

Now I have to make everything as a whole inside Blender, animate and rig and than upload it to Sketchfab.

Can't wait to see the result it will give me within this scene, I love the render in this tool.

Thank you all, any feedback is supper welcome.

Best regards,
Renato Aruffo

(Lord00120) #2

Looks amazing! :smile: So we can basically turn on first-person camera and play a small game within sketchfab? (with noclip on though :P)

(Renatoaruffo) #3

I don't think we can do that, but with animations we can think about some scares stuffs jumping around :smile:

(Renatoaruffo) #4

I just start making some tests inside Sketch fab to check any problems and test render.

I love how the PBR work in here.

Now starting making a whole single scene inside blender and rigging the finalized ghost. I still have a few textures part to fix for the ghost, hope to be done in time.

(Renatoaruffo) #5

Here is the scene from inside Sketch fab, I really love this PBR stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

(Renatoaruffo) #6

Now it is working hehehe

Eleanor's Stairway by Renato Aruffo on Sketchfab

(Renatoaruffo) #7

A few screenshots from inside the Sketchfab viewer..

(Renatoaruffo) #8

Eleanor's Stairway by Renato Aruffo on Sketchfab

since I kept posting stuff my Sketchfab viewer stayed behind.

I made a small path that people should follow by clicking the notes.

A little surprise by the end of this path, it throws people right into the curse. I hope it gives some chills on people watching it in the middle of the night. :stuck_out_tongue:

Best regards all.

(Dark Minaz) #9

love the attention to details you put in, especially the little cans with dents and the teacup set.
the only issue with me is that empty space on the left of the bank. that just doesn't fit that well to the full detail rest.

(Renatoaruffo) #10

You are totally right, that is something that sometimes is hard to see when we focus so much on one project, I should probably keep posting to check on people feedback. Also the lack of time didn't help, I had lots of stuffs to add in that was in my mind... hahaha... But I will keep work on it until Friday, after that I don't think I will ever want to see this scene again ( I think we all understand that after longs hours of work on some project, hehehe)

I started to make some little gameplay events inside unity, if I see that there is a small fun minigame on it, I will release it here, just for fun... That was not the plan.

Yeah.. I love this type of feedback, very constructive.
Thank you very much.

(Dark Minaz) #11

I got the same issue, i start adding details and things and then after a while i would have an area that is 100% done and the other empty. So i tend to force myself by having display layers and just constantly blend everything out.

Also, i know that feeling, i got so many projects at 70-80% that need at least a few weeks till i can go back on them. Guess nobody i alone with that feeling :smile: My android girl is sitting in a dark room since around 2 years now :stuck_out_tongue: now that i think about it, i might take her out for once. got some free time this weekend anyway

(Bart) #12

The winners are in! Check them out and leave a comment on the blog post :smile:

(Jason Ivens) #13

Congrats, your scene really surprised me. A deserving win :smile:

(Renatoaruffo) #14

I am super glad, thank you SketchFab team for the Halloween event and congratulation to all for the amazing work. I think that is one of the best part, to check everybody hard work, lots of inspirations all around.

(Renatoaruffo) #15

Dark_Minaz,yeah.. we all share the same feeling about that kinda of stuffs.

I had a teacher a few months ago that showed me the concept about the "Wall of suck", every body has that moment in the project that hit that damn wall and the first thing that comes to mind is start a new project or idea. I've been forcing myself to jump that wall and it is really hard, but after you keep going, you feel what he meant. But there will be tons and tons of others walls in front of us, just keep jumping, never let them stop you.

(Renatoaruffo) #16

Thanks man, really glad that you liked :smiley: It was a really fun scene hehehe...

(Renatoaruffo) #17

Hello all, I made a small gameplay inside the scene, it is very inspired on PT

Here is a link to play it.
Eleanors Stairway Playable Teaser

I spent the whole day yesterday and today finalizing it, adding sounds, events, programming.

I did everything in unity and programmed in C#.

Hope you like it :smile:

Here is a few pictures

(Renatoaruffo) #18

I compiled a video of the mini game I made with the scene:

Eleanors Stairway Playable Teaser