Halloween 2015 scene WIP: Dead Tree

(Jason Ivens) #1

Hi everyone,
I like the sound of this Halloween contest so I wanted to get in on it :smile:
I want to make a whole scene I have in my mind, but I'm not sure which way it will be go while I'm making it. I hope it turns into something worth submitting :wink:
Just a screen shot for now, I know there is a lot of improvements needed but hope you like it :smile:

(Jason Ivens) #2

Second nights work, my tree is now a 3d model and is coming to life so to speak :smile:

(Jason Ivens) #3

Added some ravens and a few other assets :smile:

(Jason Ivens) #4

I want to add some fog to the scene, does anyone know if 3ds Max 2015 can do that out of the box or if I need to download anything to get it.
your help will be greatly appreciated :smile:

(Marcin Cecot) #5

You may want to look at Volume Fog effect in 3ds Max. In your scene just go to Environment and Effects (8 on keyboard), then in Environmet tab find Atmosphere section -> click Add and choose Volume Fog. Now it's just choosing proper values :smile:

(Jason Ivens) #6

Thanks Marcin, I think I tried that already but the fog volume was not there for me. Do you know if it's a add on or if I'm just missing it for some random reason?

(Marcin Cecot) #7

It should be there by default. It's strange if you do not have it on your list. Are you sure that you didn't try to add it from the Effects tab? Environment has it's own list. Maybe this Autodesk doc can help you (there are also more info on creating nice fog): http://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/3ds-max/learn-explore/caas/CloudHelp/cloudhelp/2015/ENU/3DSMax/files/GUID-F7B3EB42-74EE-4CB4-A2DA-762AC5A71EE4-htm.html

(Jason Ivens) #8

Thanks for the link, that seems easy enough to follow 😄
I think I was trying the effects tab, which had things like blur and draw distance or something like that.
I'll take another look at it tomorrow, thanks again 😄

(Marcin Cecot) #9

Yep, Blur is in Effects tab :wink: No problem and good luck with the fog!

(Bart) #10

Thanks for posting your progress here, @jason_ivens! And it's really good to see @MarcinCecot stepping in to help :smile:

(Jason Ivens) #11

Next update, I am not as fast as what some of you other guys appear to be or I just don't have as much time to work on it. Anyway here is my next render; I have added fog and a scarecrow, its only low quality so far but I will hopefully have enough time to improve that.

(Jason Ivens) #12

Hi guys, I have been away for the last week on holiday so I have fallen behind. In saying that I have loved to come back and see how much everyone's work has improved.
I do have a update for you about my work in progress, I have added a basic house and rays of light from coming from in the house and the moon. I have a glass material in the window which is causing the reflection of the light, do you guys think I should keep it or remove it?
I'm not sure how much more I'm going to get done before the contest ends but I have enjoyed making what I have done and I have learnt some new tricks in Max :smile:

(Jason Ivens) #13

Hi everyone we are down to the final hours now, so I I am going to submit what I have done.
I am not 100% happy with the finished result, as I spent a lot of time making fog and other light volume effects that don't seem to be compatible with Sketchfab.
@bartv Please let me know if there is a option that I have missed as I really want to include it.
Here is my final screen shot :smile:

and my uploaded model for substitution into the contest

Halloween 2015 by jason_ivens on Sketchfab

(Bart) #14

We don't have atmospheric effects. The bloom filter is the closest thing you can get, but it requires bright light, not sure it's suitable for your scene.

PS: I've fixed the embed in your post :smile:

(Electrocactus) #15

Perhaps make it a bit lighter or add additional light objects. I kinda can't see anything! Lol

(Jason Ivens) #16

That's ok, thanks for getting back to me and thanks for fixing the embedded link for me :smile:

(Jason Ivens) #17

I don't think I will be able to make it any larger before the contest closes but I should be able to make it a little brighter :smile:

(Bart) #18

The winners are in! Check them out and leave a comment on the blog post :smile: