Halloween 2015 scene WIP:Monster house

(Ntdw) #1

The House that Nebbercracker built. Hunted by his wife's spirit the house has come alive, breaking free from its foundation.

Modeling this for the Halloween 2015 scene contest. This is a rough blocking out the scene. Lot more detail to go in to this model will keep this updated with my progress. And final model will be uploaded for viewing.

(Ntdw) #2

Little more modeling. Fix a bit of the proportions. Placing in the
splinted wood to get the feel of a living, angry/horror look.

(Bart) #3

Oh this is going to be great. Thanks for joining us, and keep them coming :smile:

(Ntdw) #4

More work. Just about done with modeling. Still a bit more to do, then on to textures.

(Ntdw) #5

Quick texture test.

Texture Test by ntdw on Sketchfab

(Ntdw) #6

A bit more modeling, hopefully I will be able to get this textured and uploaded by tomorrow

(Ntdw) #7

Final submission to the Halloween 2015 contest. would have hope to have gotten a few things more added but time had caught up and figure i should upload what I had. Definitely had fun with this contest challenge at lest.

Monster House by ntdw on Sketchfab

(Bart) #8

The winners are in! Check them out and leave a comment on the blog post :smile: