Halloween 2015 WIP

(DOI) #1

I started working today! But now I don't have idea in detail yet.
Here are my 1.Scene sketch, 2.House sketch, and 3.items.



(Bart) #2

Welcome on board! I love it when people start with actual sketches :smile: Thanks!

(DOI) #3

Really sorry about my late update, it's for exam.
Now I finished land modeling and going to model the house.

(DOI) #4

Bloody ground

(DOI) #5

House done.

and textures

Im going to paint ghost and pumpkins.

(DOI) #6

Have put all casts.

(DOI) #7

fortunately I managed to submit in time.
I want to add characters more, so I will upload another after judging.

Bloody Hill by trc3 on Sketchfab

(Bart) #8

The winners are in! Check them out and leave a comment on the blog post :smile: