Halloween 6 - Aproach to Myers House - 45 Lampkin Lane


(Rd2studio) #1

I will attempt to re-create the entry/scene/residence of Mike Myer's House from Halloween 6.


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Are you talking about the interior of the house or what the pictures are showing? Either way, really awesome idea!

(Rd2studio) #3

Thank you for adding me!

Yes, I'm thinking the exterior with the exact specifications. See images attached. I want to get as much detail as possible on the house and part of the yard. I'm not to sure about any characters seeing how I'm more focused on scene development so I'll have a go at this and see how well I do in this contest.

If you or anyone else have any ideas as to what they would like to see, let me know!

More information to come!

(Rd2studio) #4

It's all in the details. Progress thus far...will hope to finish with 2D stage today!

(Rd2studio) #5

Front Done before converting to 3D.

(Ecorob) #6

Almost complete with this stage. There's soo much detail! But I love it! About ready to move into 3D and build my assets!!!

(Rd2studio) #7

The 2D linework is finished and the 3D modeling has commenced!

(Rd2studio) #8

Here's the model, working on the details.

(Ecorob) #9

House nearly complete...now to work on the exterior details, yard, and etc. etc. etc.

(Rd2studio) #10

House detailing is complete...working on the assets. I won't apply the material until I'm closer to finishing the assets. But its coming along!!!

(Ecorob) #11

Model is finished...only have to develop the fooliage and then apply the material and lights!


(Rd2studio) #12


Modeled in Rhino3D!!!