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Halloween Challenge - Blind Vampire

(Adam Beamish) #1

I thought I would join in and see what I can create in the time to encourage other people to enter.

I want to put all the limited polygons available in 123D Sculpt+ into a character bust. So I thought of creating a creepy looking blind vampire bust.

The vampire is not really based on anything but evolving as I sculpt. He uses his other census to find his victim due to his blindness.

At a very early stage. So this is what I have so far! :slight_smile:

(Craigastewart) #2

I'm excited to see how this turns out! It looks great!

(Adam Beamish) #3

A bit of sculpting and finding the direction I'm going in. :slight_smile:

(Adam Beamish) #4

Adding more detail to the head and the top of the torso. :slight_smile:

(Adam Beamish) #5

I have decided to add a stand to the character bust. There were just enough polygons left to pull down and make an acceptable size stand. Obviously no re-meshing in 123D Sculpt+ so you have to stick with what you've got when you bake the model.

(Adam Beamish) #6

Here is the sculpt of the model so far. Still lots to do!

(Adam Beamish) #7

Started to add basic colour to the model now. I may stick with the normal skin tones or I might try something different.

(Adam Beamish) #8

Updated WIP model with colour texture, very basic roughness texture and using the colour texture map for a temporary bump map.

(Adam Beamish) #9

A quick test trying out some sort of clothing. I'm not too keen on it. So I will probably stick with no clothing on this model. Also glowing eyes is confusing. I think I prefer the milky eyes.

(Adam Beamish) #10

Here's the final model of the blind vampire waiting to attack his next victim.

I'm okay with how it turned out. I did try clothing but the lack of polygons already generated by Sculpt+ made it look too stretched. So I toned the details back down.

I added extra texture maps which include colour, bump, roughness and displacement. All created and edited on an iPad with final Sketchfab lighting and effects adjusted on a PC.

(Chaitanyak) #11

this is some solid work @earthen
i prefer the milky eyes too, but good to see you tried the other options as well:)
all the best!