Halloween Challenge WIP - Craig A Stewart

(Craigastewart) #1

I'm excited to join the 123DSculpt+ Halloween Challenge.

I've started playing around with some ideas for a character; I want to create something that makes full use of the 123DSculpt+ toolset and the Sketchfab rendering options. I'd like to incorporate some depth of field, some glowing and gloss effects and other things to really show how well the two programs can be used together.

I looked at the idea of Halloween masks and have decided to create a sinister looking character wearing some kind of mask. Looking at masks on the internet I came across some images of the Italian Plague Doctor and I think this would make a perfect starting point.

I really like the films of Guillermo del Toro and especially his use of long fingers and misplaced features to give a creepy, otherworldly effect. As such, I'm thinking about creating some kind of undead or alien looking plague doctor with long, creepy fingers.

I'm also toying with the idea of the composition of the model and would like to have the doctor offering something otherworldly, perhaps as a remedy which if consumed could have horrible unknown consequences. This way I can give both the mask and fingers a dramatic presence. I might also add a glow to whatever he offers and have some gloomy lighting bounce off the eyes of the mask to make it really sinister.

(Adam Beamish) #2

Great idea! Are you doing the whole character as one sculpted model within 123D Sculpt+?

To keep the challenge fair to people who don't have access to other 3D software a one model approach is advised. Each artist's software limitations are taken into consideration and what they can achieve with just one Sculpt+ model.

I think it's ok to sculpt extra models in Sculpt+ to add accompanying detail. But make sure the main model is one sculpt and no additional work is added using other 3D software. Using another program to combine your models into one scene is ok. But the original 123D Sculpt+ model must be unchanged apart from positioning, rotation and scaling if it is needed. Still use an art app like ArtStudio to create extra textures from your original 123D Sculpt+ colour texture or use the post in the 123D Sculpt+ forum to find out how to paint bump, roughness and glow texture maps using just 123D Sculpt+ itself. Utilise as many of the Sketchfab texture channel effects that you can and think is necessary.

I look forward to seeing this! :slight_smile:

(Craigastewart) #3

Hi Adam,

I aim to attempt this as a single sculpted model with all of the textures painted within Sculpt+. I may use ArtStudio to mend the texture island margins if that becomes a problem but I want to create the model entirely in Sculpt+ if I can. To make this a little easier I will probably do a half body model. That way I can retain sufficient pixels to make it nicely detailed. I'd love to have the object he offers float in front of him but that will be difficult to pull off in a single model so I may have it on a cord around his neck or something. Haven't quite figured that part out yet! :slight_smile:

(Craigastewart) #4

Here's a very quick concept doodle I did while sat in a coffee shop! Just to give an idea of where I'm thinking of going. Still not certain what the object is going to be or how it will be attached but I like the idea of exposing the lower half of the jaw, perhaps to reveal some sinister teeth.

Obviously with pixel count being limited, I may find that the final product doesn't have quite this much detail but I plan to start with a fairly complex skeleton to spread the pixels out so I don't have to worry about manipulating too much minor detail.

I'm also going to play around with the positioning of the fingers, elbows and neck to see if I can make him more sinister looking. I'll post an update when I have a working base model in Sculpt+.

(Adam Beamish) #5

Looking good Craig! Remember you can fake flat detail with a bump map. It's not a perfect way to add detail but it does help! :slight_smile:

(Craigastewart) #6

Here's a very rough first draft of the model. I still need to work on adding more detail and getting the proportions right but this gives a good idea of where I am headed with it...

(Adam Beamish) #7

Definitely creepy! It's looking very promising! I look forward to seeing the final sculpt! :slight_smile:

(Craigastewart) #8

Here is the final product. I added a colour and basic bump map, as well as some shine on the eyes and the glow for the pendant. I also improved the proportions of the trailing cape and enlarged the hat which I felt gave it more of a floaty, spectral feel. I added some annotations to the final model to give a bit of back story.

I had great fun taking part in this challenge and coming up with this character, I look forward to taking part in more contests in the future!

(Adam Beamish) #9

Wow! From the preview image it looks fantastic! I will look at the model on a PC first. I will do this now! :slight_smile:

(Adam Beamish) #10

Fantastic work Craig! It looks very nice on a PC!

Great use of the extra texture channels, lighting and annotations!

Just goes to show what you can create with the limitations in 123D Sculpt+! :slight_smile:

For people that don't know, using 123D Sculpt+ is like having one hand tied behind your back compared to the using Mudbox, Zbrush, 3DS Max, Maya or Lightwave!