Hallowen 2015 Contest: Frozen Castle Finished

(Meow098oli) #1

Found the contest while surfing the web decided to take a go on it..

I don't have my rough draft materiel since I'm working away from home ><.

Frozen Castle Blender Process
(Meow098oli) #2

While trying to figure out how to use the forum I made some skulls that will go around the castle, the castle will be in a snowglobe, as references to creating the skulls I looked up references at 123D catch. I'm going to start seeing how it transfers over to sketchup than I'll share the materiel I used if any of you would like to see it.

(Meow098oli) #3

Uploading is taking longer than expect x.x, I also realized What I had for my rough draft is super vague. This will give a better idea of what I have planned. Depending on what happens I might be splitting this topic into 3 different sections of different phases of modeling out the contest.
So enjoy this new rough draft.

(Meow098oli) #4

Haha, just realized dose it need to be a haunted house. If so I'm going to have to start scraping and rethinking how to finish the scene.

(Dark Minaz) #5

well you can make a haunted castle/house of deadly ice
so a castle of death trapped in a little globe. with some purple magic swirling around and a sign "warning, don't break it"

(Bart) #6

Thanks for joining us! Do you need help with the forum?

(Meow098oli) #8

It's decided I'm going to split this topic into three. I'll link the topics once I get to it. This one is going to be the major updates one though :smiley: .

(Meow098oli) #9

Sorry for the late reply thought I already replied. :disappointed: But I didn't so umm yeah no I think I got everything put together if I need help I'll ask.

(Meow098oli) #10

I finaly have an update for you guys, been brain storming a lot trying to make a deep lore to the whole thing. Here are the three beings that haunt the house/memory well house but still :grin: . I also realized how much it FNAF inspired they are which wasn't intentional it's just that when ever I look up marionette his there...


(Meow098oli) #11

Another update hope you enjoy. I'm starting to feel like I'm being rushed. x.x

(Meow098oli) #12

I'll be streaming it on https://picarto.tv/Meow098 if any of you guys want to watch me work on it.

(Meow098oli) #13

Halloween 2015 Frozen Memory by meow098oli on Sketchfab

I finally uploaded it to sketchfab, anymore work I do to it from now on is just fine toning and making it more sketch fab welcome. Hope you enjoy the comic like, feel I added to it.
I'm still looking for stuff I missed and polishing it. Even when the contest is over I'll like to keep it nice.

(Electrocactus) #14

duno if the scale is small, but I have hard time to move camera around, it always flys away.

(Dark Minaz) #15

i assume it's because of the lower part, had the same issue with my 1000 sunny boat and the water plane.

But i like the little details you find after the 5th time flying through the building, like the little snow globe in the snow globe, kinda wanted to see if there was another one in there but the camera wouldn't let me :frowning:

(Meow098oli) #16

-.-' I found that being a problem too but every time I scale it up on blender it re scales it on sketchfab. The only fix is to go in first person view and scroll the mouse wheel down a bit till you don't move so much.

:smile: There are more around just try to use the trick I mentioned above.

(Meow098oli) #17

I'm going to re-upload everything just to add some snow in the snow globe, because really what's a snow globe without snow?

(Meow098oli) #18

Me getting ready to move the textures as quickly as possible x.x forgot re uploading messes with all the materiel.

(Meow098oli) #19

:smiley: it's up and fixed again.

(Bart) #20

The winners are in! Check them out and leave a comment on the blog post :smile: