Han Solo - Frozen in Carbonite

(Scramchops) #1

Last minute entry! This is Han Solo in Jabba's Palace. I know that I don't have much of a WIP to show.. but that's because I got a really late start and I've been working on this set for about 72 consecutive hours!

I think I'm going to need a long nap in some carbonite after midnight!

(Scramchops) #2

Here's the set I'm creating. It's uploading it as we speak, I'm baking textures, chugging coffee, and going crazy!


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Keep chugging that coffee, half an hour left!

(Scramchops) #4

Thank you very much, c0re!

It's uploaded! Took a miracle to get it in on time.

(Scramchops) #5

Han Solo - Frozen in Carbonite
by Anthony Marquette
on Sketchfab

(Max Cajazeiras) #6

Wow nice ilumination! :thumbsup: