Hangman animation: Is it possible to have an animation start one place but loop somewhere in the middle?


(Icic) #1

So, I have a question about animation. Since Sketchfab can't render phsyics live, would it be possible to animate, say, a hangman? (Because it's a relatable example)

Basically, having the model load with a dropping animation, the rope becomes taught, the figure starts swinging, and the animation loops on a point in the animation that's seamless with the other swings to create an animation that always starts with the drop, but animates on the swing.

Is this something I could do with the api, maybe?

Any help would be appreciated! I'm trying to create a concept site around this concept and would really appreciate some insight.


There are animation functions in the Viewer API, so you should be able to do that: https://sketchfab.com/developers/viewer/functions#api-seekTo