Hanoldaa - #3December Entries


(Hanoldaa) #1

Excited to try this challenge!

(Hanoldaa) #2

Winter Coat! First time doing anything humanoid. It was a lot tougher than I thought.

(Brian C Allen) #3

Yo, thats wicked! I love the low poly design and how you managed to mix simple gradient textures with vertex details. Also, first time doing anything humanoid? Well you killed it! Heck yeah

(LennyLennbo) #4

Cool texturing !

(Hanoldaa) #5

Sadly, didn’t get the animations to import. Had a nice flicker/bubble effect but I was using blender’s displacement modifier and with an animated texture coordinate.

GIF showing animation:

(Laurer1990) #6

you can bind those modefier to keyframes.
if you like i can show you how it’s done :slight_smile:
i tried that yesterday until i had it.
ran out of time but you can see the result on my 3december-stove entry

(Omabuarts) #7

Simple animation but it sure work

(Hanoldaa) #8

Woo hoo, I did a thing! Based on the last entry, I set out to learn how to bake animations for sketchfab support (and maybe Unity3D as well?). On top of that figured out how to use the cloth simulation in blender.

(Laurer1990) #9

Thats great!
How was your basic workflow with that animation? How did you get that into sketchfab?

(Hanoldaa) #10

@laurer1990 So I did the cloth sim after watching blender guru’s tutorial on it. But I’ll go ahead and give some steps for that part.

Started with a plane that was scaled to the shape that I wanted. I added enough loop cuts to split it into square sections. Then subdivided with 10 cuts.

Then add a wind force field. Rotate it to blow along the cloth. I set the wind to 2000.

Then add the cloth simulation to the plane object. Go into edit mode and select the edge you want to be pinned, in my case this was the edge on the pole. Create a new vertex group and assign those vertices to the group. Enable pinning in the cloth sim and add the vertex group. Then set the values to whatever feels best. The blender guru tutorial above covers all the settings with great examples.

Test out the animation. I set the material color to red and added smooth shading to the object.

Find a frame in the animation where the cloth is mid “flap” and the wind has already picked it up. In my case, frame 100 works. Make sure you have the Lightwave Point Cache export option available. If not, add it in your user preferences. Then, with the cloth object still selected, export the .mdd file. In the export settings, make sure you set the start frame to the frame you found before.

Duplicate the plane object so we can easily revert if needed. Hide the old object. On the new object, remove the cloth sim and add 2 Mesh Cache modifiers. Select the .mdd file you just saved for both. Set the influence of the second modifier to 0. Set the start frame on the second Mesh Cache mod to the (last frame - 10). Remember we started the export at frame 100, so the new frame count will be 100 less than the original animation. This will tell the 2nd Mesh Cache mod to start its animation at that frame. This is how we form the overlap of the last 10 frames with the first 10 frames.

Insert a key at the 2nd start frame from above (140 in my case) for both influence values. Select the last frame and reverse the the influence values (0 for the first, 1 for the second) and create new keys for both. Set the start frame in the timeline to 10. What we’re effectively doing is blending the first 10 frames with the last 10 frames and starting the true animation after the blend is finished. Now we have a clean loop!

Go ahead and export another .mdd file, this time set the start frame to 10. Duplicate the second object and hide it. Select the third object. Remove the Mesh Cache modifiers. With the object selected, go to import > Lightwave Point Cache and select the 2nd .mdd you saved. This will import the point cache to keyed shape data. If you switch to the object data tab, you’ll now see all the shape information. Reset the animation and play and you’ll see the looped animation. Now it should be good to save and export as you wish!

At this point I just uploaded the .blend to sketchfab and all the keyed shapes went with it.

(Hanoldaa) #11

(Laurer1990) #12

wow … thank you for this detailed tutorial

(Ever Shroud) #13

holy crow thank you for the detailed tutorial! That’s going to help me a ton!

Also love that fruit cake! It’s so adorable and I really love the colours. The candle was a really nice touch too.

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I love how fluffy you earmuffs are, awesome work!

(Hanoldaa) #19

Thanks @outlawblaze :smiley:

(Hanoldaa) #20

Nothing fancy with this one.