Hard edge in wireframe setting (not cartoon outline)

(Ratdevil) #1

Hi Sketchfab support,

I would like using Sketchfab to host my project.
This is an exact technical description of a vintage glider (a kind of museum) visible on my blog (http://planons.com/projets/sg38/maqnum_sg38/).
All of the parts are made from original 2D sheets (1938).
For now, Catia 3dxml models are displayed from my blog (not a good solution) through Windows+IE+3Dxmlplayer(plugin).
This not a responsive solution.

I think about Sketchfab to do that and first test can be seen here


(single color in IGS import from catia).
The glider model is not complete but will be soon.

My goal is to have, on my blog, a precise bill of material in tree representation who’s linked with exact 3D parts and assemblies (by reference in Sketchfab).

But to show correctly the parts, I want to make visible hard edges according to the angle value between to faces.

Is it possible to add a functionality in 3D settings to make the edges visible (not all the edges of triangles) ?

The original Nurbs model in Catia (we can see the limits between the wood parts)

Igs import in Sketchfab (without edges, wooden sticks seems to be a unique part):

With triangles edges (Wireframe situation). I’d like to suppress the unwanted edges (in red)

I imagine these options:

  • Show  edges only between xx° and yy° where xx and yy are adjustable
  • Color edges (already present)
  • Edge Thickness

in wireframe setting could be a cool feature.

Thank you in advance for your help and your answer.


(Tanerxun---www.tanerxun.com) #2

i have the same issue about the wireframe.
don’t know how to do that till now :slight_smile:


The current wireframe option is meant for inspecting a model’s topology. It was never intended to be used to display naked edges and other types of technical outlines.

It’s definitely an intriguing feature, but it’s not currently on our roadmap. I’ll add this feedback to our feature request tracker.

(Ratdevil) #5

Hi James,
Thank you for your answer.
Hope we can have this functionality soon : )

Today, there’s no solution to display Nurbs model on the Web for CAD users.
Converting to polygonal is a way to do that.
With more webgl functionalities (hard edges, dynamic sectioning, measures,…) the other 3D modelers (designers, engineers) could finally share their technical models.
I know it’s difficult but commercialy intersting.

Many thanks to the team for all of your efforts.



Hi Vincent,

I’ve been a Rhino user for many years, so I understand the frustrations converting NURBS / CAD / BIM / Parametric models to meshes. Sketchfab and other WebGL viewers depend on vertex/face geometries, and converting NURBS to polygons can produce very heavy models very quickly…

By design, model processing pipeline and viewer have always been optimized for realtime rendering workflows (e.g. game engines) with polygon meshes and textures.

I’m recording your feedback. While these use cases aren’t a huge focus for us, we’re continuously working to improve this and meet the needs of more 3D creators. For example, there was recently a exporter plugin released for Revit.

(Ratdevil) #7

Hi James,
Thanks very much.
I understand.
My goal is to share the design of this vintage glider piece by piece : )
This test (partial glider) from IGS file is huge (792.2k triangles) but easy to manipulate without texture effect.

The final assembly model should be one million or more triangles.

Because there will be of lot of models to upload, I’m learning to create a Python uploader from your technical API page.

I hope I’ll reach my goal.

Have a good weekend


(Learnmark) #8

Hello James
will you sent out a notice when this feature is made posible?
im using the sketchfab for educating my carpenters and we are missing the edges of our timber.
kind regards Lars


@learnmark yep, I’ll add your ‘+1’ to this feature request.