Hard edges modelling

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Hi Sketchfabbers! i have been modeling stuff using maya for awhile but I'm really confused about something.
I have seen a lot of models that are pretty smooth without additional edge loops on the sides, and that raises me some questions.
Did they used crease tool on the edges?
Are those edges look sharp because of displacement maps?

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Hi @vivodka,

I'm not sure about the issue. We don't handle smoothing group on sketchfab. However, if you do not compute normals on your geometries (or have some null normals), we'll recompute them with a crease angle of 45°. Could you try to upload a geometry without normals just to check wether that works for you?


Here are 3 models from Maya where I set a different crease angle from Mesh Display → Set Normal Angle:

Maya Normal Angle by James on Sketchfab

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Hi @mrchblng, thanks for the tips, though I've tried to export to sketchfab to maya, apparently it won't export my textures because I'm using v-ray materials.

Hello @james, thankyou so much for the preview, those creasing angle actually seems quite different in comparison.

Thanks a lot to you both, I'm just a beginner in modelling, and these tips are really helpful for building my portfolio, though I hope you guys don't mind if I ask a question to clarify my doubt..... so there are lots of low poly models in sketchfab that have a character mesh merged with helmet and armor, gloves. So I can't help but tried to model with everything merged in zbrush dynamesh, apparently either my retopo skills are bad, or uv mapping gone wrong, it just looks horrible.

So from my novice point of view, there's probably 2 different workflow involves,
1. They are really good that they can sculpt characters with all mesh combined and do texturing and normal maps directly.
2. They separate the mesh, and combine them after they finish sculpting each of them. And they rearrange the uv mapping along with adjusting texture and normal maps.

I understand think I should have tried it myself but I still need to work on my other skills, and there might be a lot of bumps along the way, so I hope you pros could provide me with some insight.


If you want to use V-Ray materials, you should bake the textures, but I don't have any experience doing that in Maya.

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Thank you very much @james, I'll give it a shot