Harry Potter - Hogwarts great hall

(JER3D) #1


For this contest i am going to reproduce the hogwarts great hall from Harry potter.
The scene will be animated (the candles will move a bit, and the roof will change for exemple)

(JER3D) #2

Update 1

Most of the layout is done,
I'm currently cleaning a bit the scene because there is too much polys, and it might not run smoothly with the textures and animation.if I leave it like that.

(Mrrobot) #3

With good lightning that's gonna be awesome!


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This is going to be beautiful! In the WIP, where is the animation? Just curious, maybe I missed it.

(JER3D) #5

Thank's @c0re :smiley:

There is no animation yet,

but there will be : flying candles, changing ceilling, animated fire, and probably more =)

(JER3D) #6

Little update.

I've finished all the gargoyles cleaned the scene a bit, and add some props.

(JER3D) #7

I'm currently working on the textures.

here is a preview of the gargoyles (they might not be in gold in the final scene)

(Sensationalgames) #8

wow....I haven't possibility to win :frowning:
which software have you used to texture gargoyles?

(JER3D) #9

haha thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Substance painter for the textures.

(JER3D) #10

New Update with some texture.

(the scene is a bit heavy, it will take some time to load)

(Adam0702) #11

haha thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Substance painter for the textures.

(JER3D) #12

(JER3D) #13

Almost done

(JER3D) #14

test on the clouds

(JER3D) #15

Done ! :smiley:

Here is my final entry for the contest.
At first I wanted to do a static scene. But I had to animate a bit the clouds and the candles to make the whole scene feel more immersive.
So I don't know if I can put this scene for the static part of the contest anymore. I think that animated mean something more like acting characters or a scene that is focused on the animation.
This one is more like an enhenced static i think.

Anyways thank you sketchfab for setting up awesome contest like that, it was really fun :smiley:

And don't forget to put the textures in HD (Setting -> Texture -> HD)


Really beautiful work, thanks for participating! I would consider this animated, although I see where you are coming from in your logic.

(JER3D) #17

Thank you @c0re :slight_smile:

then i will switch it to animated.

(Max Cajazeiras) #18

Nice work! very good textures!: :thumbsup:

(Marchermitte) #19

Top notch work! Lots of work out into the details (like the gargoyles) ... Bravo!