Have preventCameraAnimation and preventCameraMove options for api.gotoAnnotation call been depreciated?

I’m trying to show an annotation by calling api.gotoAnnotation, WITHOUT moving the camera position.

As perthe documentation, it’s said to be possible with giving the following options.

api.gotoAnnotation(0, {preventCameraAnimation: true, preventCameraMove: true})

However, it still forces the camera move as you can see in this example page.

The same option seems to be used in the Sketchfab API’s Interactive Sample, but it does not seem to work either there.

Are these options not working anymore ?

If so, would there be any other way to achieve going to an annotation WITHOUT moving the camera position ?

Thank you!

Thanks for the report, I reproduced the bug and will investigate.

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@virtry it should be fixed now, thanks again for the report.

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