Have you ever scanned your kid(s)?

(Alban) #1

My first son William was born last Thursday, December 4th. I jumped on the occasion to make a 3D portrait of him :smile: This would be a great 3DST theme one day, but if you have already made scans of your kids, would be cool to share them here!

For those who are new to 3D scanning, here are 2 easy and free options to make a 3D scan:
- Recap360 (tutorial here)
- trnio app for iPhone, get it on http://trnio.com

William - 3 days old by alban on Sketchfab

(Fhuszar) #2

Congrats Alban!

Here's my scan of our 4 month old. The idea was to 3D print this in full colour as a Christmas gift for grandparents - which I'm sure would make loads of money if it was packaged as an app+service for parents.

We used a pretty good compact camera, not sure how it improved the result vs. a smartphone camera. We took loads of pictures from random angles, and stitched them together in recap360 (33 photos were used for the final thing). The challenge was that at this age he doesn't sleep all the time anymore, and most of the time he'd sleep in the cot where taking photos from certain angles is impossible.

If anyone finds a magical way to do it with eyes open, please share.

Huba 3D by Ferenc Huszar on Sketchfab

(Dumenieu) #3

very nice topic!
I scanned all my familiy , I have 3 sons and here is Mael:

by Dumenieu Alain
on Sketchfab

Maelfacteur by Dumenieu Alain on Sketchfab

(Alban) #4

@dumenieu nice! You can embed the viewer by pasting the model url (not the mini url) here.

(Dumenieu) #5

ah ok!! thank you alban, yes I wondered how to get that here.
Anyways my post is half a joke , my son is 25 old and not a baby , but you will see how time goes quickly and I hope it will be also for your joy .
I like scans btw smile
and merci for your help smile

ps hello
fhuszar, enjoy Huba too smile

(Chaitanyak) #6

wow, didn't know so many had done it!
seems like an obvious thing a 3d modelling/scanning enthusiast would do.

now for something gloomy,
i sincerely hope i don't offend anybody.

please read Charles Stross' Rule 34 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rule_34_(novel)
(parental advisory)

The book covers the missuse of 3d printing and 3d scanning tech in the near future(incidently all this tech is now available today)

The book is not overly explicit, though it can be shocking.. for example one of the incidental characters.. a paedophile takes pictures of his targets and then 3d prints life size, photoreal, animatronic sex dolls of them.

so... might not be a good idea to have your kids' 3d scans available for download.
maybe i'm just paranoid.. but thought i'd share that here.

(Alban) #7

Thanks @chaitanyak for the note,luckily I didn't make William available for DL smile

(Alban) #8

So I made 2 other ones:

4 weeks old:

William - 1 month old by alban on Sketchfab

6 weeks old:

William sleeping - 6 weeks old by alban on Sketchfab

@cedric , @marc, @paul_sketch and @bartv I'm waiting for yours smile

(Bart) #9

Cool. You can only scan him while he's sleeping - we need faster scanners! smile

(Paul Sketch) #10

Agree, now even taking a 2s famility picture for christmas is a several hours negotiation... Have to wait they do their own 3d selfies to share on social networks smile

(Alban) #11

@paul_sketch take at least a lensblur!

(Alban) #12

So William just turned 2 months old and I made a new scan for the occasion smile

William - 2 month old by alban on Sketchfab

(Andy lewis) #13

He's beautiful, Alban. I'm amazed you have the time to scan him as well as running Sketchfab and being Dad to a 2 month old. The time when Josh was that age is still just a blur. But then, he didn't sleep quite so soundly. He had "Glue ear" which wasn't very pleasant. Ah well! Here he is now, at the ripe old age of 11. Old enough to go into a sulk as soon as he sees my Structure sensor attached to my iPad but I was lucky this time - He was wearing his "Bro fist" Pewdipie t-shirt and wanted to show it off! smiley

Josh by Pot8oSh3D on Sketchfab

Looking forward to month 3!




(Alban) #14

Thanks Andy for sharing, beautiful scan for a beautiful son! You need to do a full body for the full "bro fist" smile

(Dumenieu) #15

microsoft!!!!!!! loooolll !! how much you got for that ? ?? ahahahahahahah

(Andy lewis) #16

Well, this is about as close as I managed to get. Think he's suffering from scanning fatigue but he was keen from me to capture the new hair cut. smile

Josh Brofist 1 by Pot8oSh3D on Sketchfab

Josh Brofist 2 by Pot8oSh3D on Sketchfab

Maybe I'll creep up on him and take a full-length one when he gets a new pair of shoes! LOL



(Alban) #17

Nice, thanks Andy and Josh!

(Alban) #18

3 months!

William - 3 month old by alban on Sketchfab

(Andy lewis) #19

Time starts accelerating from here on in, Alban. Make the best of it! smile

(Alban) #20

4 months!

William - 4 month old by alban on Sketchfab