Have you ever scanned your kid(s)?

(Dumenieu) #21

waiting for the 5 months version :))

(Alban) #23

5 and a half!

William - 5 and a half month old by alban on Sketchfab

(Adeboye Grillo) #24

@alban In my opinion, you are giving your son a priceless gift. He'll be more than grateful in the future when ever he sees these 3d selfies of himself. I'll do the same for my son. He's one year now. Better late than never.

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(Punkoffice) #26

This is my mate's 7 yr old kid that I just scanned

Will Potter - 7 year old kid by punkoffice on Sketchfab

He's 3/4 Australian, 1/4 Jamaican

(Alban) #27

Nice pose! Was it done with a structure sensor + itseez?

(Punkoffice) #28

I used my 82 camera photogrammetry rig. The resolution is poor though because it was set up to scan a full-sized person. This kid just happened to be in the studio at the time. I didn't have time to adjust the cameras to increase the resolution of the final output.

(Fjgc) #29

Hey guys, this looks fun as hell. What's the cheapest setup (like for ipad or some other tablet), I could get my hands on to experiment with this sort of stuff?

(Alban) #30

the cheapest setup is to use an app like trnio.com, or just shot a bunch of pictures and process them in photogrammetry with a tool like recap360. But it's really hard to not move during such capture, so having a real scanner with depth sensing is usually better for portraits (except if you have a full rig of course)

(Alban) #31

My 2 latest scans for month 11 of William:

William - 11 month old - V1 by alban on Sketchfab

William - 11 month old - V2 by alban on Sketchfab

(Tushevs) #32

Joining the kids scans club :smile: This is my first okay scan of him 4 days old, we need silent shooters

Watch me as I grow 3d Mesh by tushevs on Sketchfab

(Alban) #33

William - 14 month old! Getting harder and harder to scan, as he never sleeps outside of his bed anymore... This was the end of a loooong day :smile:

William - 14 month old by alban on Sketchfab

(Derycklamb) #34

Haven't had a chance to do a colour scan yet, but I thought I'd have a go with a laser scanner. Plan is to print her out and then repeat the exercise every 6months or so:

(Majedhd) #35

My First attempts to scan my daughter while sleeping . With poor light and one camera .
Photos via Nikon D7200 Reconstructed in Agisoft PhotoScan . 108 Photos .

(Adam0702) #36

Hey guys, this looks fun as hell. What's the cheapest setup (like for iPad or some other tablet), I could get my hands on to experiment with this sort of stuff?

(Alban) #37

@adam0702 cheapest / easiest is to just use photogrammetry. You can try an app like trnio.com if you have an iphone, otherwise just take a bunch of pics from all angles, and process them on recap360.autodesk.com, all free :slight_smile: Here is my latest one btw!

(Mgordeeva250) #38

Wow, this is soooo cute! Did you know, by the way, that there is an option to create a small copy of your kids and yourself as well? I mean you will first be scanned and then printed out in a small model! How cool is that? You will be able to hold your small copy, but not just share it through the Internet! Here is the link - https://www.artec3d.com/3d-scanner/shapifybooth

(Cie) #39

Cool thread! I had my son’s scan for while on SF, but unpublished. Wasn’t sure it would be all savvy, but here he is! Of course not DL’able. :grinning:

(Cie) #40

This guy is now 1 year old, time flies!

(Tanerxun---www.tanerxun.com) #41


somebody do a similar work. i am not sure how they do that .but it seems it is ok. :slight_smile: