Having issues with my materials!


(Davijo Man) #1

Hoping someone knows what I'm doing wrong here. As far as I'm aware I'm not doing anything differently than with my other models exported from Maya. I have my materials added to the model and named before I export in FBX format and upload to the site. For some reason every material that I have applied to more than one object in Maya (Like the eyes) duplicate the material on Sketchfab and add "_0" to the end. As well as this the materials don't load properly on these meshes and have really bad artefacts. I'm hoping it is something stupid I have overlooked.

(Draconius) #2

Are you sure the material groups themselves aren't being duplicated, along with the object? I'd try double-checking this along with deleting duplicate shading networks. I see you have a ShoesMAT and that doesn't look like it has any duplicates.

(Davijo Man) #3

I managed to fix it. There seems to be some history on the meshes with the artefacts so I just deleted it and that seems to have fixed the issue!

Just saved it as a new file in case it ends up breaking something else.

(Mrchlblng) #4

When you see a material with a _0 suffix, it means we found 2 materials with the same name and we add the suffix to differentiate those 2 materials.

@DavijoMan I'm not sure wether there is a bug on our end or not but if you think your first upload should have worked fine, please let us know!

(Davijo Man) #5

I'm pretty sure there was some issue being caused by the history on the model. Once I cleared it the issue stopped. I'm currently tweaking my settings in Draft mode and the issue is resolved. The duplicate materials have disappeared.