Having Issue's with "Re-Upload"

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Hi Guys,

I have to change every model that I've already uploaded as well as add a few more. In total this comes to 48 models. I was hoping it would be a simple as clicking the "Re-Upload" button. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work as I expected.

In stead of replacing an existing model, it creates a new one. I then have to set up a new environment, new background adjust the lighting etc. as if I was starting from scratch. I also have to delete the old model.

For every model I upload, I copy and paste the hexadecimal model number generated by your software into a database for use on an ASP based website. Now I have to do it all again from scratch.

I am hoping that this is merely a bug and someone will fix it otherwise I will be spending many hours loading new models.


(Fan3d) #2

I have the same problem and it would be interesting to know if something is planned.
thank you

(Polish Farmer) #3

Yep - this is annoying when it is 48 models to upload:) When I see how fast sketchfab evolve, I think it is on their road map somewhere.


Hi guys,

I'm a bit confused by the issue here. Is re-upload not working? Or, it is working but you expect more settings to be preserved?

The expected behavior right now is: Press Re-Upload, the new model replaces the existing one (same URL, likes, views. Settings are reset to default). It should not create a new URL, and you shouldn't have to delete the 'old' version.

At the moment, we cannot save any settings. It's a complicated issue, but something we'd like to implement in the future.

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Hi James,

The main issue I have is every time I use Re-Upload it creates a new model and new URL I might as well just upload a new model. The "Settings" being reset is annoying but only minor. From a personal point of view, I would like to see the implementation of setting up a default layout that models can be loaded into. We simply use a company logo as a background, disable the environment and rotate the model to the desired angle. If the background and environment settings could be set for all models it would reduce the amount of time i spend setting up the models considerably.


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ok it works for me, I still must have made a fault sweat_smile


@miraclerecreation - we are thinking about some kind of 3d settings preset / template feature for the future.

I cannot reproduce the issue of re-upload creating a new URL. Can you show me an example where this happened?