Having problem with this model........ any help?

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Hi guys, i still have problem with my model…

I thought it was a normal map problem, i ve already wrote on the “Normal map disappearing” thread BUT i still have problem…
I ve noticed not only normal maps are broken, but also some backface is not working as i ve planned (look at the floor)

The funny things is that sometime the model works, sometimes not…

Could you please look at the model and try to solve my problem? :slight_smile:
I ve modelled that for the #toolschallenge so i really dont want to have problem with it couse im in the competetion :frowning:


Here is the link to the model

(G034326a) #2

Seems you are getting the same trouble I did. I thought I had imported too much. It was on my corridor pack. A new floor texture I brought in was darker than the rest. When I turned the normal map on and off it fixed it for a while. When I looked at the model in model inspector using normal map viewer I noticed that the normal map was yellow. I just looked at yours and it is the same. Try two things, first turn the normal map button on then off again, save it and see if the normal map looks yellow in the model inspector. Or try saving the normal map again in case of any errors on save. And reimport it. Lastly if all else fails remove all textures, reupload the model and add them again. My guess is that sometimes when importing a texture it corrupts.

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really thanks! your suggestions helped me a lot!

i ve turned on and off the normal map channels and it seems that now it works corectly … i guess!!! :smiley:
i ve also noticed that one metallic map was not correct! thankyou very much for the help!

i hope that now everything will be ok :wink:

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Excellent :slight_smile: No problem :slight_smile: Still wondering if it’s when the server is having trouble or a unstable net connection causes issues, as the files are usually fine. Looks really good by the way :slight_smile:


Sorry about that! We recently shipped a fix for a bug in our normal map optimization.

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Thanks James :slight_smile: Yeah it did happen the other day on mine after what looked like an update . I thought it might be :slight_smile: