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Having separate backgrounds for Thumbnails and Viewers?

(Flbar) #1

We are attempting to use a different background in the thumbnail than the viewer. We have managed to succeed on a few, but there does not seem to be a pattern to when it is successful and when it fails. It appears that the saving the view but not saving the model worked in one case but it has not worked in any else.

Is it a glitched that it worked once, or is there a procedure we are missing?

Thanks for your time.



Could you send me a link to the model that worked?

This should not be possible at the moment. It may have appeared to work because it takes some time for us to generate and update the thumbnail after you save it.

(Shaderbytes) #3

if you save the view the model get saved automatically. Here is what you can do :

In edit mode uppload your background , save the view with this background. the model will be saved as well. Now assign the alternate background. This time click save settings , so only the model is saved not the view. Now exit edit mode.


Ah yeah, sorry, I guess that does work.

(Shaderbytes) #5

yup , the thing others normally request is for a different camera angle between thumbnail and viewer default , that of coarse is still not possible.

(Nomadking) #6

While this should work in theory, I just tried this with background colours and it doesn't seem to work. After changing the background colour and saving the settings the thumbnail updates a few moments later to the new background.

@james Is there a hidden update here when changing backgrounds? or is it just with colours?

(Shaderbytes) #7

I see that as well , mm I checked the network traffic when you click save settings. They do send the thumb urls at this point , but I checked all the links and it was to the old background , not the one I just changed :

I know they dont use a backend solution for thumb generation , it is all driven by the front end. Knowing that and now seeing it does not happen when clicking "save settings" the only conclusion is that there must be something happening when clicking exit...since it is the only potential data sending point for it to happen..

EDIT, must be even more sneaky.. because if you omit clicking exit and just close the page , you will find it still updated when navigating back to sketchfab..