Having shading problems no matter what i do

(Diffract) #1

I have this model of a retractable dining table. As the title says, shading is off no matter what I do. I recalculated normals, removed the bevel modifier, used sketchfab's exporter, unlinked all objects, tried smooth and flat shading and it still shows weird shading on the table top.

Can anyone maybe take a look at why this happens?
Model page: https://sketchfab.com/models/f1ebd9d924db46c79695cd773e625e6f
Blend file: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/40254

(Stephomi) #2

If you change shading to "single sided" you can see that the faces on the table are inverted.
It is caused by the [1, -1, 1] scale that you applied on it.
Uses [1, 1, 1] and it will work.

It's best to avoid negative scale and non-uniform scale concerning shading.

(Diffract) #3

Thank a lot. It's fixed now.
I wasn't aware that mirroring an object inverts the scale.