Having to remove Sketchfab embeds

(Fentist) #1

I had numerous Sketchfab embeds in a KSP forum thread using BBCode and I had to remove them. Users of IE were reporting that the entire page would cause IE to lock up to the point it had to be closed. I loaded up a naked copy of IE 11.0.2 and got the same results as my users. As soon as the embeds were removed, IE loaded the pages.

I left one embedded on this page should you wish to verify.

(Arthur Jamain) #2

Hi there !

I've just finished dealing with this issue. It should be public within the next day.

However, the full-featured embeds won't work anymore on the KSP forum pages. The issue actually has two sides. We most definitely never should crash a page ; that was a critical bug on our side that has been fixed. The trigger for this bug to happen, though, is that the KSP forum pages ask your IE (regardless of its actual version) to use the IE9 engine to render the page (by the means of something called "X-UA-COMPATIBLE").
This version of the IE engine does not support WebGL, hence we don't support it fully. It should however fall back to an interactive collection of images.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your report ! It did help a lot that you left an embed in a post.

— Arthur J, Front-End @ Sketchfab



the header was removed from the KSP forum, so the embeds should be fine now, even before our fix goes live.