Having trouble exporting FBX with animation from Cinema 4D

(Thedonquixotic) #1

I’m new to C4D. I’m taking a class on it right now. The class is entirely focused on pre-rendered animation and I wanted to upload an animation to Sketchfab. I can not figure out how to do this though, and everytime I use the Cinema 4D exporter plugin, C4D crashes. Any help?

I’ve checked other threads on sketchfab etc, but it seems the documentation on this issue might be out of date.

EDIT: Okay so I have made a little progress in that I found a plugin here: http://tcastudios.com/?p=19 that converts everything in to a PLA which I can then run a point cache on… but then when I export it, still no animation. And I’m def exporting with the settings for FBX that have animation included… so not sure what’s up with that?



The C4D plugin is pretty much completely broken, particularly in more recent versions of C4D.

I’m afraid we don’t support PLA / point cache on Sketchfab yet. You’ll probably need to bake it into keyframes, but I’m really not familiar with the process, especially in C4D :confused:

(Thedonquixotic) #4

Hmmm… that’s unfortunate. I have the option to bake frames when I export to fbx but that doesn’t seem to actually bake the frames because when I upload it to Sketchfab it says there’s no animation information contained. I also thought I baked stuff into keyframes when I rendered the point cache etc. That seemed to be what it was doing from my understanding. Like I said, very new to the C4D system though.


I’m afraid I don’t know much about C4D either. Maybe someone else here in the community can help :confused: