Having Trouble with textures Transfering

(Hawkinsmedia) #1

Hi All,

New here. I'm uploading a model (Thunderfighter from Buck Rogers) as an .OBJ file from 3DSMax 2015. The model appears perfectly, but I am having issues with none of the textures transferring. Any help for my newb-ness would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Jason Hawkins

(Simon Kratz) #2

What kind of modelling program did you use? Sketchfab has a lot of exporter plugins for all the major software out there:

If you install one that fits you you can just wire the textures into materials inside your 3d program and use the exporter to upload all the stuff. smile

Alternatively you can add textures after the upload using the little gear icon in your uploaded model and choose "3d settings".

(Hawkinsmedia) #3

Ah thank you , getting the exporter now!


(Simon Kratz) #4

Np, hope it works out for you smile If you need help setting up lighting check out this post by Bartv:

Talking about the new PBR workflow and dynamic lighting inside the editor.


@essimoon thanks for helping out smile