HDR background not blurred

Hi, I want to upload a background that is a 360 picture as a backdrop to my model. I want it to look like this: [https://sketchfab.com/blogs/community/hdr-environments-new-backgrounds/]

But I only reach the level where the background is blurred like this:

Thankful for any advice!

The resolution of hte 360 background picture is limited to prevent huge download time for users, particularly mobile users.
That may make it blurrier than high resolution 360 pictures.

Hi Paul and thanks for your reply. I get that, but in the example with the fighter jet the background is clear enough. Is there anyway to achieve this level? Any workaround?


Yes, that 2013 post screenshot seems outdated.
Only other path I can think of is to add an “englobing sphere” with faces inverted (so that you see inside faces and texture is mapped on those) on which you map the 360. It might still get downsized, especially on mobile.
See for instance VR Sphere carousel - Download Free 3D model by Miguelangelo Rosario (@miguelangelo2k) [c97adc9] - Sketchfab